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Oh, Taco!

In my desperate search through the nooks and crannies of my computer for a file the other day, I came across another file. An image to be more precise. Or rather, an illustration. I had done it last semester in Illustration Majors Studio. It was a character study for a story I had been working on at the time. (I have yet to finish that story, I’m sad to say. Are we seeing a pattern on my blog here yet?)

His name is Taco. Because he likes to eat…tacos. And he is the most lovable monster you may ever meet!

I can’t tell you much about the story yet, security reasons. You understand, don’t you? I’m still thinking I’ll finish the story someday (which I intend to make into a picture book) so for now I’ll keep it under lock and key!

He’s a sweetie and even though he doesn’t talk, he still has his ways of showing how he feels. Oh, Taco! I should finish your story! That would take some time though and right now, I just don’t have enough of that…

I’m working on several stories already. Okay…two stories. But they take a lot of my free time! And don’t get me started on school stuff! I’ve gone more in the direction of young adult novels actually. And I’m writing them in what I think is called a “novelty format.” Of course, these will also have some illustrations in them- black and white illustrations!

I’ll leave it at that for now.


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Trying Something New- Necklaces!

I have made a few necklaces to sell! This is a new product that I’m working on perfecting but I think it is coming along nicely. I may just do black and white illustrated necklaces from now on because colors are hard to reproduce with the technique I use to make them.

It’s pretty easy to make a lot of them too! Want to know how?

I’ll tell you anyway even if you don’t want to know…shrink film is the key (think “Shrinky Dinks”) that are ink jet printable. I just have to print out my illustrations on a piece of the special paper, cut them out, punch a hole in it, and then bake them for a few minutes. It takes some time to get the colors and contrast right and I have to waste a sheet to make it perfect but the end result is worth it!

Keep in mind this special paper is expensive so I can’t just GIVE these things away. I’m thinking I can sell them for 8 to 10 dollars. Does that sound reasonable? I hope so!

The part that goes around your neck is just nice lanyard. Nylon, I think. I hope you know what kind of string I am talking about because I can’t, for the life of me, remember what it is actually called.

Here’s what one looks like on me so you can see the scale. They aren’t too big nor too small. They’re just the right size!

And here are two of the illustrations I used for the necklaces. These are drawings I did over winter break. They are quite fun!

I’ll have these necklaces at my table in the MECA lobby next First Friday! I will also have them available at the Deering Oaks Park Farmers Market in the spring!

Come on by and have a look!

(And maybe buy one too! )  😉




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A Thought on Having a Show…

I’ve had many ideas over the years, many many ideas. But last semester two illustrations turned into an idea I never thought I’d have. And still, even now, I’m not even sure I’ll ever follow through with it.

The illustrations that sparked this idea, which I will soon tell you about, had an interesting subject matter/concept…extinct animals playing with toys. In particular, dodos.

I have, for a long time, been fascinated by the dodo and often find myself in a depression after I remember the dodo is no more. I keep telling myself, “Maybe they’re not really extinct! Maybe there’s just so few of them that people never see them anymore!” It’s true this has happened before but unfortunately very rarely.

I just really want to meet a dodo…

Anyway, the idea.

The first part of the idea (extinct animals playing with toys) met the second half of the idea a few days later. The notion of creating a series of illustrations similar to the first two and placing them in a “gallery-type” setting. When I say “gallery-type” I don’t mean the fancy places that only paint their walls white. I’m talking about a coffee shop or a book store or somewhere where people like to hang out daily.

This was an unusual thought for me. I’d never really been one for thinking about putting my originals on display. I don’t know why. I guess I wanted people to enjoy my work in a book form (or something like that) since reproductions often reach a bigger audience and are more affordable to purchase. This may be just my opinion, however.

Whether this show ever happens or not, I still think the concept has potential and can be worked into something else later on.

For now, I’ll share with you the dodos that I wish I could meet for real.


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A Map of Wonderland!

For majors class we were given the challenge of illustrating a place in the form of a map. Our client? A website called, “They Draw and Travel.”

At first I thought I would do Camelot but soon realized I knew little to nothing about a medieval town. I may have been stupid at the time but I was also having a hard time finding information about medieval life as well.

So, I chose something I was more familiar with…Wonderland.

But still I had trouble coming up with a concept for the map. I just couldn’t connect all of Wonderland to just one illustration and a map nonetheless. I’ve never done a map before!

Somewhat disappointed in my sketches, I sent the ideas to the client. The response I got was interesting. A suggestion. I had an idea.

And so I came up with this map. And although the critique did not go according to plan, I am still happy with the final product.

You will soon be able to see it on their site as well!


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Makin’ More Monsters

So, I’ve been sewing some more monsters and now I have two different types! The round ones I call “Dwaddles” and the ones with the long eyes I call “Goolashes.” I’m trying to make quite a few for the farmers market which starts the end of April (I think!). They are going to be a tad more expensive than most of my other stuff. Maybe $20 each but it’s a good price for a handmade work that you won’t find anywhere else!

And I hear people have been searching for information about farmers markets. Well, I can’t speak for every farmers market but I thought it might be nice to talk about my experience at the one I go to which is in Deering Oaks Park in Portland, Maine.

First of all, it’s wonderful!

Especially when the weather gets warm, the Portland Farmers Market is the place to be on a sunny Saturday morning! The park is beautiful and really comes alive when all the farm stalls set up their tents. Of course there are also the art vendors and we just add another layer to the fun!

But that’s not all that happens at this farmers market!

Musicians come and share their music. The park resonates with the sounds of instruments and voices singing alongside all the commotion of  patrons. The children too have a good time playing and laughing. They especially love the fellows who come and create gigantic bubbles! (Bubbles three times the size of their heads!) They’ve made a game out of it, who can pop the bubble first.

There is also a woman who sells handmade hula-hoops and it seems everyone tries to hula-hoop at least once while they are at the market. It can be very entertaining!

Don’t forget the fire-jugglers who seem to be able to juggle even when standing on a rope a few feet off the ground.

One more note, if you’re there early, try a croissant from the vendor near the end of the park (I forgot the name of this one…) but I’m sure if you asked someone they could point you in the right direction.

Look for me there as well! I’m the girl with the kid’s clothes among other things!

And if you have something to sell (it has to be made by you) think about setting up a spot at the market. It’s free for art vendors (although there are rules) and it’s loads of fun! You have to provide your own table though.

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