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Had a GREAT First Friday!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had as good a First Friday as I did!

For those in and around Portland, Maine, I’m sure you know what First Friday is! But I’ll explain it a bit for those outside the area and for those who have yet to try it out!

The full name of the event is “First Friday Art Walk.” It’s held the first Friday of each month in the Arts District of downtown Portland, Maine. From 5pm to whenever people decide to go home, all of the art galleries are open and offering free snacks and wine. The artists of the works are usually there in the galleries as well. So you get to talk to the person behind the art!

There are also vendors lining the streets (when it’s not freezing or raining) selling their art and handmade things. Sometimes there are people dancing, fire juggling, or playing music. And especially during the warmer months, there are tons of people out participating in this event!

The city really comes alive!

What was I doing during this event? I was selling my merchandise in the lobby of my school!

I got a lot of great feedback for my work, met a lot of cool people, sold some stuff, and had a great time! Thank you so much to all of you who came to my table! And thank you to Jamie Hogan who took this nice photo!

I realize I have to make more clothes because of my decrease in supply from sales. (This is a good thing!) So, I’ll be working on some new designs over the next few weeks and putting them on the clothing. Look for them in the coming weeks! It’s almost time for the Farmers Market!



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Victorian Girl

In figure drawing class today, we had to draw a figure in a background without any reference. This may seem like a simple task at first but, in fact, it can be quite difficult.

So, I took one of my characters from a book I am writing and drew her in the environment I envision her being in in the story. The story is set in a Victorian/steampunky world. I’m not sure the clothes are historically correct but since it’s my world, I can do whatever I want!

This is not the only story I am working on right now. I am working on two totally different stories. I don’t want to say much about either one yet just that they are coming along very well!

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Recommended Book!

I’m going to write about something a little different today. This post is not about my own work. It is about the work of Ann Barrengos and Hannah Rindlaub!

They have done something amazing and something I wish to accomplish someday as well. They have created a book! A published book!

It’s a fantastic story with terrific illustrations. Let me tell you a bit about it!

It is a fairy tale. But it’s not a fairy tale you’ve already heard or read about. No, it’s a brand new one! The author, Ann Barrengos, is fascinated with creating new fairy tales and so she has written The Story of Estrella. It is a book for young readers (and for those of us who are still kids at heart!) and it follows the journey of a young girl who’s destiny is that of legend!

And of course it has great illustrations on the inside by Hannah Rindlaub! The cover was also illustrated by her. Nicely done!

The book is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated! I highly recommend it!

You can buy the book on Here’s the link:

If you want to read more about the author and/or the illustrator you can go to this site:

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