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Dapper Crow

This drawing of a crow, who is quite dapper, does not originate from a story yet. I simply needed something to draw and so the only logical thing to draw when one has nothing to draw, is this.

Now that I have created him, however, I do see the need to incorporate him into something. But what? Which story? Perhaps a future story? I’m stumped. He just seems like he would be an interesting character and fun to write and draw.

When I start writing a story it always takes me a awhile to get to know my characters. The more I write and draw them, the better I know them! I used to make character description sheets but I find that making small notes about them and quotes of what they would say is a much better method for me to understand them. Anything that comes to mind at any given moment about a particular character is filed away somewhere, either on paper or in my head.

How do I come up with my characters in the first place? Besides randomly sketching?


Wait, let me clarify that. It’s more like the few moments before dreams. The strange place in time where one is not quite awake but not asleep either. I keep notebooks or paper or anything I can write or draw on by my bed. If I think of something I think would be a cool character (or plot or story element), I wake up and write or draw it down.

Sometimes I am surprised in the morning about what is written or drawn.


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Rubber Stamp

It’s been a busy few weeks indeed! First of all, I just wanted to say I’m done with my Junior year of college! Woot!

Anyway, a few weeks ago in my Illo Majors Studio class we got to create a black and white illustration that would be turned into a rubber stamp. I had a hard time with this at first. I had no idea what I wanted a stamp of! But I rattled my brain and came to the conclusion that I wanted a stamp of one of my characters.

So, using my inking skills, I created an drawing with brush and ink. Nothing fancy, just the head of one of my favorite original characters.

He’s a strange character, there’s no doubt about it. But I love him for all his quirks and warts and odd humor.

Anyway, the stamp. We sent all our drawings off to some place in California to be made into rubber stamps. We waited and waited and waited. There were some bumps in getting them along the way but at last they arrived!

They even carved the wood with my drawing! I am so pleased with it! As you can see, I’ve already used it. Thus, the ink stained rubber.

I had fun with colored ink pads as well. I showed a bunch of people and stamped it a bunch of places. The problem now is, I want to make more rubber stamps!

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