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I had drawn this goblin awhile ago and am now re-examining the illustration. At the time of its creation I was quite happy with how it came out (and to an extent I still am) but the critique got me thinking.

The only type of critique that is “bad” is the type where the artist learns nothing from the input of others and/or the critique is not held in a respectful nor objective manner. Therefore, a critique that may seem harsh or one that does not satisfy the artists ego (perhaps even does the opposite!), may end up being the most beneficial to that artist.

What I am trying to say is this: lots of feedback that may seem negative to the person receiving the crit, is actually really, really beneficial as long as it is given respectfully. Likewise, feedback not given respectfully or perhaps only giving feedback telling the artist what works for the piece, is not beneficial. Essentially, it is all about balance of feedback between what works and what does not in a piece.

Okay, I’m done blabbering about that. Now, let us talk about the work in question!

What I was focusing on while creating this illustration was composition, line variation/quality, background, anatomy, and depth. These are all elements that I have trouble with and wanted to improve. So, did I accomplish working on those elements? I think I did! Good job, me!

However! What did I forget about?

What about everything else? What about how to mix all of these elements to do the very things I was trying to do yet was separating? For example, I exaggerated the size difference between the main figure and the other goblin who hides behind the tree to create more depth and variation. But, I should have also pushed the line variation between foreground and background!

And do I have enough contrast? Well…I had thought I did at the time but after I didn’t look at it for a month I am thinking…no, I definitely do not!

Anyway, I still like the illustration but now I know what I can do better next time! Little bit of advice, take everything that is said to you in a crit into consideration, then think about it and decide for yourself if it holds truth. It may or it may not, it is really up to the artist and the artist’s intention. However, don’t just throw away feedback without thinking about it first! Critiques may bring you down if you don’t hear what you want but that is not the purpose of a crit.

The purpose of a crit is to help you improve and hone your skills!


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I’m on a roll! (So much stuff!)

A big hello to everyone out there! I’ve been working hard to bring you a larger line of products! It can be difficult, I’ll admit, to find the right materials to make stuff and still keep my prices reasonable. But thankfully I have my supplier ninjas scattered around finding me new items to alter! Although these new items are very similar to what I already carry (i.e. baby/toddler/kids clothes), they are different. How? Colors! Styles! Sizes! And of course new designs! Let’s take a look at some!

Ah! The onesie! This one is white-colored material but new design! I have had this design on clothing for only a short time but it proves to be popular! You may recognize Duckie actually. I wrote a post about him only a short time ago.

I should mention that most designs are on several different types of items. So, if you like a design on a onesie but want maybe a toddler shirt, I probably have that too! Just ask me!

This design on a white onesie shows an odd creature. The creature’s name is Pinwort! He’s one of my characters and I had written and illustrated a short zine once with him and his faithful sidekick, Chilibean!

Yay! Pink onesies! I know many of you have been asking me about colored onesies and I am proud to say they are finally here! I also have some (very few) blue onesies. For some reason blue is harder to find. BUT! I do have a bunch of blue baby T-shirts as well as some tank-tops in various colors!

There is one more type of onesie we must discuss. How do you feel about a black and white image on a floral print?

I think it looks great! (It may not be for everyone but I quite like it!) I chose a black and white image on the print because it keeps it a little less muddled. And I didn’t want the print to show through as much as it would with a watercolor image. (Recognize Dapper Crow from a previous post? Hehe!)

Anywho, I also have other items such as aprons, tote bags, necklaces, and stuffed monsters! Come find me at Deering Oaks Park in Portland, Maine on Saturday mornings!

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