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I was in Central Park the other week and got to fulfill a few childhood dreams.

First, I went to the Frick Collection! And, wow! They have so many famous paintings! It is a must see if you are ever in New York and have some connection or interest in art. They have paintings by Bellini, Fragonard, Vermeer, Velasquez, Turner, Monet, El Greco,  Rembrandt, Titian…the list goes on!

It is also just a beautiful building! There is a richness when you walk inside that makes you feel transported to a different era.

After leaving the Frick, I headed down to Central Park where I knew I needed a few photographs for several reasons. Reason one, childhood ambitions. Reason two, I needed to feel the connection with artists and writers that came before me and who inspire me.

Okay so, the first statue I needed a picture with…not exactly a representation of an artist nor a writer. But the story of this dog (and the movie) were a part of my childhood. They are also great examples of storytelling as well as animation in regards to the animated movie.

Yes…Balto. When I saw this statue in person, I realized just how beautifully made it was. (His back is gold/polished because small children like to climb on his back to get their pictures taken.) My point? Art is everywhere and anything can be an inspiration in your own practice! This statue, the movie, the story…it is all art and inspiration.

Where next?

I took a trip through the looking glass! Or rather…across the park to see the famous girl who did.

So, here I am! First thing I have to say is, it is a very impressive statue! I love the stories (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass) and I actually wasn’t aware that this statue was here until a short time ago.

The stories are so well written and the concepts behind them are fantastic. Some parts of the stories don’t even make sense but that is part of what is so great about them! I could go on and on about why I love the written part of the “Alice series,” but I also want to talk about the illustrations.

The illustrations are, in my eyes, amazing! The artist’s name is John Tenniel. I tend to think people aren’t as familiar with the artist as they are Lewis Carroll. But I could be wrong…

The drawings are pen and ink and you can tell Tenniel knew what he was doing. There is no doubt about that! I would love to do pen and ink work as skilled as him and so his illustrations are a great inspiration to me. But of course Lewis Carroll’s story and style are also a great inspiration! The two pieces fit together perfectly and each gives the other a context. They each also enhance the other piece. Each part, the writing and the illustration, has something the other does not so there are multiple layers of the story because the illustrations are not just repeating the words. And vice versa.

So, go out and find what inspires you! Carry those things with you but remember to do your own thing. Don’t try to be someone else, that person is already them and you are you!


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