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Just thought I would share a few more character studies from various stories that I am working on!

I’m getting into digital coloring. I’m also getting into using graphite instead of ink. The Zofia character study (image below) is one of my first attempts at digital coloring. However, since coloring her, I’ve learned even more about digital stuff and may or may not re-color her. Regardless of that, in the future I will use my newly acquired knowledge to color her better!

Also below, are just a few sketches of characters from two other stories that I am working on currently.

With my graphite work, I scan in the illustration and then darken all the lines in Photoshop. There are several ways to do this I’ve found out.

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Hey, Everyone!

I have a new webcomic! It’s called Happy-Go-Loony!

It may not be appropriate for everyone because it has some violence. However, it’s not your average gory horror comic! I call it cute-horror! Sometimes it’s about horror and sometimes it’s just plain cute!

Check it out!

I’m planning to update every Sunday night! 🙂

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Work, updates, and new adventures!

Last semester my Major’s class had a book cover project/contest and it looks like I am one of the people’s choice! Here are my cover and avatar designs:

Persephone avatar

Another interesting turn of events is that my Wonderland map is now available as a photo canvas!

Here is the link to where you can buy it!

One last bit of news, I now have a Facebook page! Go like The Art of Noreen Torelli!

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