Links and Flying Marmosets

I was given the prompt of “flying marmosets” so I created this!

If you want to see more, check out the links below!


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Renewed Tumblr!

Redid my Tumblr! Check it out!



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Thesis: Update

My thesis project is all done and installed!

In the end I think I had done around 50 or 60 illustrations in just one semester, although most of those were for the MUP card game. The card game is in play test stage but will hopefully be in stores around Portland by the end of summer. Exciting!

Here are a few of the final illustrations in my thesis:

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Hi all!

I have been working extremely hard on my thesis project, which will be my illustration portfolio. I decided not to include the illustration in the previous post in this portfolio because I have recently taken a different approach to my work.

Here is some of the newer work I’ve been doing.

These are Zodiac Cards, Fairy Tale Recipe illustrations, and some illustrations from a Card Game that I am making:

All of these need some revising in some way or another so they may look a little different when the semester is done. I’m happy with them and I hope you like them too!


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Last semester of senior year!

Hey everyone!
As the title says, I have entered my final semester of art school! Yaaaay!
I am working on a thesis project, which will consist of at least 7 pieces for a portfolio.

As many of you probably know by now, I write my own stories. And for the entirety of my college career I have wanted to work on illustrating my writing. Well, I finally get to do that!

Here is the first piece I did for thesis!

First piece for thesis!

It is for a new story I am writing and the themes are a bit darker. I have many stories that I am working on at the same time. There are about 10 in the works!

That’s it for now!
See you next time!


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Just a cute illustration

Here is an illustration of an alien-ghost. It relates somewhat to my webcomic although I also just did it for fun!


And here is the link to my webcomic:

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Just thought I would share a few more character studies from various stories that I am working on!

I’m getting into digital coloring. I’m also getting into using graphite instead of ink. The Zofia character study (image below) is one of my first attempts at digital coloring. However, since coloring her, I’ve learned even more about digital stuff and may or may not re-color her. Regardless of that, in the future I will use my newly acquired knowledge to color her better!

Also below, are just a few sketches of characters from two other stories that I am working on currently.

With my graphite work, I scan in the illustration and then darken all the lines in Photoshop. There are several ways to do this I’ve found out.

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