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I’m on a roll! (So much stuff!)

A big hello to everyone out there! I’ve been working hard to bring you a larger line of products! It can be difficult, I’ll admit, to find the right materials to make stuff and still keep my prices reasonable. But thankfully I have my supplier ninjas scattered around finding me new items to alter! Although these new items are very similar to what I already carry (i.e. baby/toddler/kids clothes), they are different. How? Colors! Styles! Sizes! And of course new designs! Let’s take a look at some!

Ah! The onesie! This one is white-colored material but new design! I have had this design on clothing for only a short time but it proves to be popular! You may recognize Duckie actually. I wrote a post about him only a short time ago.

I should mention that most designs are on several different types of items. So, if you like a design on a onesie but want maybe a toddler shirt, I probably have that too! Just ask me!

This design on a white onesie shows an odd creature. The creature’s name is Pinwort! He’s one of my characters and I had written and illustrated a short zine once with him and his faithful sidekick, Chilibean!

Yay! Pink onesies! I know many of you have been asking me about colored onesies and I am proud to say they are finally here! I also have some (very few) blue onesies. For some reason blue is harder to find. BUT! I do have a bunch of blue baby T-shirts as well as some tank-tops in various colors!

There is one more type of onesie we must discuss. How do you feel about a black and white image on a floral print?

I think it looks great! (It may not be for everyone but I quite like it!) I chose a black and white image on the print because it keeps it a little less muddled. And I didn’t want the print to show through as much as it would with a watercolor image. (Recognize Dapper Crow from a previous post? Hehe!)

Anywho, I also have other items such as aprons, tote bags, necklaces, and stuffed monsters! Come find me at Deering Oaks Park in Portland, Maine on Saturday mornings!

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Had a GREAT First Friday!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had as good a First Friday as I did!

For those in and around Portland, Maine, I’m sure you know what First Friday is! But I’ll explain it a bit for those outside the area and for those who have yet to try it out!

The full name of the event is “First Friday Art Walk.” It’s held the first Friday of each month in the Arts District of downtown Portland, Maine. From 5pm to whenever people decide to go home, all of the art galleries are open and offering free snacks and wine. The artists of the works are usually there in the galleries as well. So you get to talk to the person behind the art!

There are also vendors lining the streets (when it’s not freezing or raining) selling their art and handmade things. Sometimes there are people dancing, fire juggling, or playing music. And especially during the warmer months, there are tons of people out participating in this event!

The city really comes alive!

What was I doing during this event? I was selling my merchandise in the lobby of my school!

I got a lot of great feedback for my work, met a lot of cool people, sold some stuff, and had a great time! Thank you so much to all of you who came to my table! And thank you to Jamie Hogan who took this nice photo!

I realize I have to make more clothes because of my decrease in supply from sales. (This is a good thing!) So, I’ll be working on some new designs over the next few weeks and putting them on the clothing. Look for them in the coming weeks! It’s almost time for the Farmers Market!


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604 Thrift

    Hello, everyone! I’m excited because some of my T-Shirts and Snap Suits are now in a store! The store is called 604 Thrift and it’s right on Congress Street in Downtown Portland.

Here are some photos of the set-up for my stuff!

I’m in the front(ish) of the store next to the cash register!

It’s like I have my own corner of a store!


Snap Suits and T-Shirts are lookin’ good here!

Check out my stuff at 604 Thrift! It’s an awesome store!

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Selling Stuff at Farmer’s Market and at Festivals

I’m getting into making items of clothing (especially for kids and babies). I then sell them at the Farmer’s Market as well as at Festivals like First Fridays and the upcoming Old Port Festival! It is so much fun to make something that someone can wear or use in some way. It can also be a bit strange to think that people out there that I don’t really know have items made by me but it is exhilarating too! I have just started to sell things and I have been testing the waters so far. But I think I’m learning what people desire so I am trying to expand and make the stuff that people like (but while still being true to myself, of course!).

Last week I had a few T-Shirts but people were asking for kids sizes. (I didn’t have any! Oh!) But! This week I will have plenty of kids sizes for sale! There is also a new design!

In addition to the T-Shirts, I will have new garments for sale such as this snap suit (I only have a few for this week!). Isn’t it adorable?

Baby Pajamas are also a new item. 4 designs, 4 colors available. They are long sleeved and they are (as are all my items) 100% cotton. These pajamas are good for a cooler night or maybe can be put away until Fall rolls around. They are very, very soft!

Anyway, I hope to see lots and lots of people at my table on Saturday! I have a lot of other non-garment things as well!

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